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Korea University Business School will offer a postgraduate progr...
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  • Date : 2019-10-02

Korea University Business School will offer a postgraduate program in Business Analytics (BA)



Korea University Business School will offer a postgraduate program in Business Analytics (BA) in the Department of Business Administration from the first semester of 2020 to meet today’s ever-changing needs and to provide consumer-centered and tailored education services. KU expects this innovative one-year master’s degree program to lead to a new management education paradigm that incorporates cutting-edge information technology.


Due to the Fourth Industrial Revolution fueled by rapid digitalization across industries, there is a growing need for a digital transformation encompassing management strategies, business models, partnerships, value chains and decision-making practices that are significantly different than in the past. Management capabilities for this purpose include advanced information technologies such as the internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain and big data, and it is urgent to build a new management education platform on which future managers can cultivate comprehensive problem-solving skills through interdisciplinary convergence.


The BA master’s program of the Korea University Business School will begin in 2020 by selecting students (for the spring semester only). Based on information ethics to support new business decision-making practices, a socially-tailored higher management education system for the collection, access, integration, analysis, prediction and inference of massive data will be established. Unlike the general master's and doctoral programs, the BA program operates on a two-month module basis. Upon completing six modules in one year, graduates can earn a master's degree and pursue professional goals. In addition, the program allows students to take on a capstone project instead of writing a dissertation to provide them with on-the-job training.


The Korea University Business School hopes this 32-credit BA master's program will help students deepen their understanding of business administration in general based on knowledge about mathematical statistics and information computing and will train data specialists with design technology, data analysis and information ethics competence. Graduates will work as interdisciplinary management professionals in a wide range of areas and applications that require hi-tech digital and mobile technologies.


(* To inquire about admissions information session schedules and requirements for the BA program: +82-2-3290-1363)

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