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Lifelong Education

Institute for Continuing Education

  • Korea University aspires to fulfill its social responsibility through offering volunteer services and higher education to all members of society. To this end, the Korea University Institute for Continuing Education provides members of KU as well as the general public with various programs conducted by KU’s Lyceum, colleges, professional schools, Leadership Academy and after-school programs, all of which host excellent higher education facilities.

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    • Institute for Continuing Education
    • Tel: 02-3290-1462~8
    • E-mail:
    • Fax: 02-3290-1469

Culture Programs of KU Museum – Civil Lecture

  • The KU Museum has offered cultural programs to the general public since 2000. Its diverse and large-scale lectures encompassing Korean history and culture attract 6,000 citizens per year and are highly appreciated by many.

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Gifted Education Center

  • 영재교육원

    The Korea University Gifted Education Center focuses on future-oriented thinking in providing ‘whole-person education’ for the intellectually gifted, thus fostering them to grow into the talent our future society will need. To this end, the Center offers comprehensive gifted education to help the gifted develop creative problem solving capabilities through experiencing various forms of integrated knowledge and issues across the entire curriculum.

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