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  • 1. KUKEY

    Editorial Bureau : 3290-1683 FAX. 928-0879
    Editorial Bureau Sejong : (044)867-6229
    General Affairs Bureau : 3290-1682, Planning Bureau : 3290-1681

    First published in 1947, The Korea University Weekly newspaper has served the KU community as a place where all the KU members including students, professors, and other school personnel gather together and share their thoughts. It boasts the longest history and deepest-rooted tradition among college newspapers in South Korea. Produced by KU students and distributed every Monday, The Korea University Weekly shows how student reporters view society and take issue with a variety of social phenomena. The online version, available at, offers the full spectrum of stories and columns produced in the print version along with additional content.

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  • 2. The Granite Tower

    Tel : 02-3290-1685/6
    Fax : 02-922-4046

    The Granite Tower is the only English newspaper published by Korea University. First published in 1954, the Granite Tower has since provided comprehensive coverage of current events and KU’s internal issues. As one of the oldest college English newspapers in the country, it has produced numerous important figures in the media world. The Granite Tower was transformed into magazine in 1993 and is now published and distributed at the beginning of each semester month, eight times a year.

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  • 3. Korea University Business School Journal

    Public Relations Department, 2nd fl. Business School HQ
    Tel : 02-3290-1688
    FAX : 02-3290-1626

    The Korea University Business School Journal, South Korea’s first and longest running business economics newspaper, was first published on 15 December 1960, declaring its intention to act as “a beacon of success in business management and a guide to business prosperity.” The Journal provides readers with the latest management information and news from Korea University Business School, thereby promoting communication and the formation of opinions among members of the business school. The Korea University Business School Journal strives to select the best writing staff and to disseminate new business management techniques and theories.

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  • 4. Education News

    Rm #107, Korea University College of Education HQ
    FAX : 02-923-4540

    Education News was first published on 10 May, 1975 by the Korea University Graduate School of Education as an educational technical journal for the purpose of researching and disseminating pedagogical theories and methods. The Korea University Graduate School of Education is the only graduate school in South Korea to publish this kind of education journal. 1318 Education News provides information on ever-changing education related policies, details about useful methods of teaching, and discussions on issues of education. It also publishes professors’ columns and transmits news about the people of the KU education community, thereby strengthening the stature of the KU Graduate School of Education and the networks of its members.

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