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Athletic Clubs


Football (Soccer)

Bosung College team, which was the embodiment the school spirit, was established in November 1923 along with the start of athletic activities in Korea during the late Chosun period under Japanese occupancy. By performing well in Japan, the football team created conditions for other sports to grow as well and opened the door for Korean sports history. Athletes from KU contribute outstanding performance as major players of their team throughout the Korean professional league. And also starting with player Hong Duck-Young, who was GK during the 1948 London Olympics, KU produced the most number of players as well as coaching staffs on the Korean team for the 2002 KoreaㆍJapan FIFA World Cup, and athletes such as Hong Myung-Bo, Cha Du-Ri, and Park Chu-Young continues to join football clubs around the world and help KU to be recognized as a prestigious football university both in Korea and overseas.



The Bosung College rugby team was established in May 1929 by Lee Jong-Gu, a rugby player who played for Japan College of Agriculture. With just 5 months of training, they had their first game on October 13 at the railway stadium with Gyeongseong industry, and even though they were defeated 13:05, this was the beginning of rugby in Korea. As the founding institution of rugby in Korea, KU rugby club strives to develop the rugby culture in Korea and puts effort into helping Korean rugby players enter the global field.



KU baseball club was founded in 1948, but had to disband due to the Korean War. It was only later with the revival of the Go-Yeon-Jeon that the club started again gaining momentum and skill that led them to their first victory in 1960 at the College Baseball Federation games. The club built their reputation by joining Korean Professional Baseball and by producing many great athletes and coaching staffs like pitcher Sun Dong-Yeol, who is said to be a national treasure. KU baseball club actively strives forward as it devotes itself to participating in the Olympics Games

Basket ball


The Bosung College basketball team started their first official match in 1929. With the start of participating in the first Basketball Championship games organized by the YMCA as a professional basketball team to win the games 22:10, they continued their legacy in 1931 by beating Yonhi College 35:15 at the semifinals and winning the first Chosun National Basketball Tournament co-organized by Chosun Athletics Committee and the YMCA. Based on its strong roots, KU basketball team athletes actively participate in the Korean professional teams as coaches and players.

Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey

Founded in January 1939, the Bosung ice hockey team won the college division title at the first Ice Hockey League in 1946, and continued to build its reputation by defeating Yonsei University and cutting the ice to victory in various 1947 & 1948 competitions. Throughout the years, there have been streaks of defeat to Yonsei. However, since the completion of the university ice rink in 1998, momentum has caught on to power the team in regaining the reputation of old.

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