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KU's Foundation and Spirit

Significance of KU’s Foundation

한국 최최의 민간인에 의한 근대적 고등교육 기관의 출현, 민족주의 교육적 실현과 항일 민족 투쟁의 산실, 근대적 학문의 발상지

The KU Spirit

  1. 01
    Tradition of nationalism and democracy
    Treasuring pride as the nation’s leading university to leap forward to the forefront as one of the top global universities
  2. 02
    Tradition of criticism and resistance
    Spirit of: resistance against injustice, rejection of corruption, and disapproval of all falsehoods
  3. 03
    Tradition of loyalty and unity
    Pursuing inclusiveness, harmony, and attractive power across organizations through strong unity and reconciliation
  4. 04
    Tradition of action-orientation and bravery
    Hub of active intelligence to lay out the plan for the future of the nation and put it into practice, going beyond simply being a prestigious school in research and education
  5. 05
    Tradition of unpretentiousness and simplicity
    Pursuing harmony between traditional and foreign cultures from the Korean perspective as a national university
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