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Korea Petroleum Group Donates KRW 100 Million to Korea Universit...
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  • Date : 2024-06-03

“Donation to Provide Practical Support for the Activities of the Changemakers Program”
Korea Petroleum Group Donates KRW 100 Million to Korea University’s Changemakers Program
Korea University runs the Changemakers program through which students directly engage in the local community and propose solutions to local challenges



- 김동원 고려대 총장(왼쪽)과 강승모 한국석유공업 부회장이 기념 사진을 찍고 있다.

▲ Korea University President Kim Dong-one (left) and Vice Chairman Kang Seung-mo of Korea Petroleum Group taking a commemorative photograph



Korea Petroleum Group donated KRW 100 million to Korea University’s Changemakers program.

On Tuesday, May 21, at 4 PM, in the First Conference Room of the Main Hall, Korea University held a donation ceremony for Korea Petroleum Group’s donation to the development fund for Korea University’s Changemakers program.

The donation was part of Korea Petroleum Group’s ongoing efforts to expand its charitable activities. Kang Seung-mo, Vice Chairman of Korea Petroleum Group (’90, Department of Business Administration), decided to make the donation to his alma mater, Korea University.



인사를 나누고 있는 김동원 총장(오른쪽)과 강승모 한국석유공업 부회장

▲ President Kim (right) and Vice Chairman Kang exchanging greetings


At the donation ceremony, Vice Chairman Kang said, “We decided to make this donation to provide practical support to the activities of Korea University’s Changemakers program, through which the students contemplate and strive to solve various social challenges in the local community. We hope this donation to the development fund will contribute to solving these local challenges. Korea Petroleum Group will continue to expand its social contribution activities to fulfill its corporate social responsibility.”

In response, Korea University President Kim Dong-one said, “I would like to express my gratitude to Vice Chairman Kang and Korea Petroleum Group for their support of Korea University’s Changemakers program. The Changemakers program is a field-oriented program that seeks to devise and implement sustainable solutions to various social challenges. With the support from Korea Petroleum Group, I hope Korea University students will be inspired through forward-looking and proactive activities and become leaders who change the world.”

The Changemakers program, supervised by the Korea University Institute for Sustainability, is a social innovation program that leads to continuous change by allowing Korea University students to directly engage in the local community, understand local challenges, and develop and implement sustainable solutions in collaboration with the local community.

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