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International students organize traditional costume fashion show
  • 글쓴이 : Communications Team
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  • 일 자 : 2018-12-05

International students organize traditional costume fashion show

KU holds 2018 ISF (International Students’ Festival)

Students from 23 countries build a mini global village on KU campus


On Wednesday, November 14, Korea University held the 2018 International Students’ Festival (ISF) at the Democracy Square located in the Seoul Campus.


The festival was founded to promote mutual understanding and communication among different cultures. The event gave international students a special opportunity to introduce and share information related to their cultures, foods, overseas studies, and sightseeing. They set up stalls representing 23 countries/regions from ▲Europe (the Netherlands, Italy, Sweden, Russia, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Spain, France, Finland, and the UK & Ireland), ▲Asia (Korea, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Tibet & India), ▲Central and South America (Mexico and Ecuador), ▲North America (the USA and Canada), and ▲Oceania (Australia).




Approximately 1,500 international students came together to set up and organize their national stalls featuring culture, education, and traditional foods and costumes. The event allowed students to share and exchange knowledge of their respective countries while learning to understand and accommodate diversity. The international students also hosted a fashion show featuring their traditional costumes and a talent show showcasing varied performances.



Moreover, at the event, the Korea University Buddy Assistants (KUBA) organized a flea market where they sold items donated by students. They plan to donate all the proceeds to UNICEF. 

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