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KU claims the first place in CPA exam for three years in a row
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  • Date : 2018-10-01

KU claims the first place in CPA exam for three years in a row
7-year accumulative record also confirms that KU is the top “CPA maker”




The Law Journal(법률저널) – a journal that specializes in issues regarding high-level national examinations – recently published an exclusive report that Korea University (KU) students have consistently been the highest performing in the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Examinations, thus making the phrase “Yon-Sang-Ko-Bup” (延商高法; Yonsei University dominates in business, while Korea University dominates in law) obsolete and “Ko-Sang-Ko-Bup” (Korea University dominates both in business and law) truer.

KU, the journal reported, once again accounted for the largest number of those passing the 53rd CPA Examination according to the list released on August 30, establishing itself the top performing school on the exam for the third consecutive year.

Among the 904 passing scores, 114 students (12.6%) were from KU, a noticeable increase from the 97 of the previous year’s test (10.6%), greatly outnumbering their immediate followers, Yonsei University students. The 7-year accumulative record (2012-2018) also agrees that Korea University has claim to the top “CPA maker” as 745 of its students (11.6%) have passed the examination.

KU’s outstanding performances on the CPA Exam are thanks to its generous support. KU Business School runs a CPA study group Jung-Jin-Cho (精進礎) in order to help students prepare for the examinations. Open both to students and graduates, Jung-Jin-Cho offers extra accounting lectures and opportunities to associate with KU alumni currently working as public accountants, where exam-takers can take substantive advantage of their helpful advice. The Law Journal proposed that such networks are one key contribution to KU’s exceptional performances on the CPA Exams.

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