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X-GARAGE participates in the face-shield production and donatio...
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  • Date : 2020-11-12

X-GARAGE participates in the face-shield production
and donation program to play its part in COVID-19 prevention

X-GARAGE produced 150 face shields through 3D printing
and donated them to medical staff in other countries.


▲ 1,000 face shields, including 150 produced by X-GARAGE, were delivered to the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Indonesia. 


X-GARAGE, which operates in KU Pioneer Village under the leadership of Sid Chung, participated in the “Defragmentation Project”, which makes and donates face shields (face protective gear) through 3D printing in order to help medical staff in foreign countries who are fighting COVID-19. 


The “Defragmentation Project”, run by the National IT Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA) and the 3D Printing Research Organization, provides students with training in 3D printing, enabling them to share their knowledge, devise ideas to combat COVID-19, and produce and donate helpful items to overcome the pandemic. 

The production and donation of face shields, composed of a headband support and face film and produced through 3D printing, was selected as the first priority of the project. A total of 1,000 face shields were made and delivered to the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Indonesia, which is suffering from a lack of medical equipment due to COVID-19. X-GARAGE produced 150 face shields in 10 days and participated in the donation project. 

▲ The face shield components produced through 3D painting by X-GARAGE

This project was initiated by the 3D Printing Research Organization, and beginning on May 6 it received applications to participate from about 90 people, including students. The project provided online training in 3D modeling and printing, and also ran discussion and mentoring sessions. Ultimately, the ideas of Eum, Jun-su from the Multi-Drone School were deemed the most suitable, since they were most amenable to 3D printing.  


In addition to Korea University's X-GARAGE, Yeonsu-gu office in Incheon, the Digital Industry Promotion Agency in Yongin City, the Jeonju IT&CT Industry Promotion Agency, and Chungbuk Innovation Institute of Science & Technology participated in the production of the 3D printing output, and in the PR campaign which accompanied the project. KOTRA supported the selection of charities to support and the delivery of donated items. 


The organizers plan to select and proceed with production of the second priority item in the second half of this year, so that this project will not be a one-time initiative.  

The 3D printing face shield produced by X-GARAGE is on display in the Science Library in Korea University under the theme of “Makers in Everyday Life, Science in Everyday Life.” 

▲ The face shield on display in the Science Library



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