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KU committed to taking climate actions and cultivating global ta...
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  • Date : 2021-03-25

KU plans to take climate actions to solve environmental and energy issues and cultivating global talents
Following KU signs MoU with Net Zero 2050 Climate Foundation


Net Zero 2050 기후재단과 MOU 체결 


Korea University and the Net Zero 2050 Climate Foundation has signed an MoU on cooperation in the fields of taking climate actions and developing alternative measures to address environmental and energy issues and fostering global talent. The signing ceremony was held in the Main Hall of Korea University at 1:30 pm on March 24 (Wednesday).


Chung Jin Taek, President of Korea University, and Jang Dae-sik, President of the Net Zero 2050 Climate Foundation, attended the ceremony and signed the MoU.

Following the conclusion of the MoU, the two institutions agreed to cooperate in a range of areas, including joint research on climate, environment, and energy issues, engagement and consultation for research and projects of their respective counterpart institution, co-hosting of domestic and international conferences to share and distribute research results, promotion of exchange and research programs to promote public progress, and participation in each other’s seminars, symposiums, and expert lectures.

Under the MoU, the two organizations will share human resources, equipment, facilities, and information necessary for R&D and other academic activities, whether collaborative or otherwise, in the coming years. They also agreed to contribute to the development of national policies, enhancement of research capabilities, and cultivation of global talents by engaging in serious discussion on climate, environment, and energy issues while coming up with alternative and practical programs.

At the ceremony, Korea University President Chung Jin Taek said, “I believe that the MoU we have signed today will enable the foundation to propose alternative measures and climate action plans to solve problems pertinent to the environment and energy conversion. According to a synthesis report recently published by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), the nationally-determined contributions (NDCs) by 75 parties, which represent about one-third of the world's greenhouse gas emissions, were far short of the Paris Agreement goals. In order to make carbon neutrality a reality, we should continue to engage in serious discussions, develop alternative measures, and meticulously carry out practical programs.” He added, “Korea University will also cooperate with the Net Zero 2050 Climate Foundation to practice environmental stewardship for our posterity.”


Net Zero 2050 기후재단과 MOU 체결


After the signing ceremony, the Net Zero 2050 Green Future Conference was held co-hosted by the Net Zero 2050 Climate Foundation and the Institute of Economics Research of Korea University.

The Net Zero 2050 Climate Foundation was recently established under the aim to realize the vision of net-zero carbon emissions by transforming climate and ecosystem crises into new opportunities for sustainable economic growth and job creation and devise a cooperative model between the international community, the government and civil society.



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