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Leave of Absence/Returning to University

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Academic Regulations

Article18 (Returning to School), Article 20 (Enrollment), Academic Operations Regulations Article 30 (Application for Returning to School), Article 31 (Returning to School After Military Service)


Registration of semesters of students whose leave of absence is finished or reasons for leave of absence is disappeared so as to continue studies

Application Period

Late Feb.~Mid Mar. (first semester), Late Aug.~Mid Sep. (second semester)

Method of application
  • After registration of application period, apply in the menu of portal – school register/graduation – school register – application of leave of absence/returning to school
  • In case of returning to school after military service, copy of discharge certificate or abstract of resident registration (certificate of military service) should be attached.
  • Leave of absence/returning to school of graduate schools should be submitted to school affairs supporting division of belonging college after writing application of leave of absence.
  • Returning to school can be applied after registration. On the next day of tuition payment, returning to school can be applied internet.
  • After graduate school, returning to school cannot be applied internet.
  • Students who don’t return to school 1 year after discharge should be enrolled.
  • Subjects who discharge the military should use portal.korea.ac.kr information square moving-in of students discharging military service or register moving-in by visiting military affairs administration team (central square #111).
  • After submitting receipt of tuition in the semester returning to school and treated application of returning to school, the receipt should be received and kept. (limited to direct submitters among the graduate schools and university students)

General inquiry
School affairs supporting division of belonging college

  • One-Stop service center(humanities and social studies) +82-2-3290-1140~6 the B1 Floor of central square
  • One-Stop service center (natural science studies) +82-2-3290-4090~2 the B1 Floor of Hana square
  • One-Stop service center (Sejong) +82-41-860-1072 the 1 floor of academic information center
  • Tuition repayment: Financial division (+82-2-3290-1184)