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Student-Designed MajorPioneering intellectuals, innovating KU!


Academic Regulations

Article 35 Section 3, Academic Operations Regulations Chapter 6 Section 2 Subsection 3


Student-designed Major is a program in which students self-design a curriculum by combining courses from three or more departments and complete it as their second major while they complete the requirements for their first major. During the length of studentship, students in the process of completing their first major are to design their own courses combining majors from three or more departments (including the first major and other required courses) and complete more than the minimum required credits for the program. Then the second major is acknowledged and two bachelor’s degrees are conferred upon graduation.

Application Period
For the period, please refer to the guidance of student designing major schedule and academic calendar in portal and homepage.
  1. 1
    Students who intend to complete student designing major should apply during the 3rd or 4th semester.
  2. 2
    Transferred students or students on a leave of absence cannot apply.
Application Procedure
  1. 1
    Recommendation of adviser in student designing major
  2. 2
    Deliberation of academic affairs committee
  3. 3
    Approval of the president
  • For the details, contact the corresponding department of Dean's Office
  • For any questions related to the Student-Designed Major curriculum and graduation requirements, please contact the corresponding department of college