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Summer/Winter Class EnrollmentPioneering intellectuals, innovating KU!


Academic Regulations

Article 21 (School Year & Semesters), Academic Operations Regulations Article 49 (Obtain credit though seasonal classes), Article 50 (Students During Leave of Absence and Seasonal Classes)


Paying tuition to receive credits during the vacation period other then the general semester
※ Registering and attending summer/winter classes are not included in the Academic Operations Regulations Article 35 Clause 1 Number of registration, and Article 36 terms of school

Application Period

June (Summer classes), December (Winter classes)

Possible Credit for Application

Up to 6 credits per semester (Student during leave of absence can also apply)

Method of Tuition Payment

   1) See seasonal classes tuition fee payment information to find payment history
   2) Connect to the Course Registration System http://sugang.korea.ac.kr and click ‘Seasonal Tuition Payment Information’
   3) Transfer to the virtual account according to the subject (Available through Hana bank branches, online banking, phone-banking, CD machine, and wire transfer)
   4) Account numbers are different between each subject, therefore check the correct account number before making the transfer
   5) The account holder appears as Course Registration and the bank as Hana Bank. Counters are open till 4pm and online banking is available 24 hours

   * Contact the corresponding college academic support for info on payment method regarding field training course tuition

※ Hana bank Korea University branch : ☎ +82-929-6241~3 (Only available during office hours)
※ Check the notice for details on Summer/Winter class tuition payment

Abandon Course Registration (Refund)

During the Abandon Course Registration period http://portal.korea.ac.kr Academics/Courses Manage Courses Abandon Summer/Winter Course Registration (Register a portal new ID if you do not have an login ID)

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Tuition Return Standard
Withdrawal period after course start
Total amount returned (including basic tuition)
Before 1/3 since the start date
Before 1/2 since the start date
After 1/2 since the start date

※ Withdrawing from the course after the withdraw application period is not possible in any circumstance, and abandoned course cannot be reinstated.


If you do not register during the period, course registration will be automatically canceled and tuition payment will not be possible under any circumstances
Fees for courses cancelled in accordance with the bylaws (less than 20 people for liberal arts, and less than 10 people for major, etc.) will be refunded to the student’s account

  • General inquiries: Corresponding College Academic Support
  • Tuition related inquires: Finances Anam: +82-2-3290-1184, Sejong: +82-44-860-1054, Medical: +82-2-2286-1018, Health Science: +82-2-940-2707)
  • Field trips related inquires: Corresponding Department Office