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Ordinance of the Ministry of Education, Issue 1 Rules Regarding College Tuition

Additional registration due to terms of study (semester completion) being over, but lack required credits
※Academic Operations Regulations Article 36 (Term of Study) : 4 years (8 semesters), College of Engineering  Architecture: 5 years, College of Medicine: 6 years

Method of Tuition Payment
  1. 1
    Print the bill within the billing period.

    Go to Print Bill

  2. 2
    Sent the total tuition amount, including additional required payments, to the printed temporary personal Hana account number (confirm whether the receiver is in the student’s name) through money transfer methods such as bank counters, ATMs, online banking, and phone-banking. (wire transfer, account transfer)

    Hana bank account holders can pay with the follow way.

    1. A. Hana Bank Homepage Login Personal Internet Banking Bills College Tuition Select College Enter Student Number
    2. B. Hana Bank ATM, Connect Phone-banking Bills College Tuition Select College Enter Student Number

    * Payer does not have to be the student

※ For details on method of payment, visit the homepage of portal notice board during the payment period
※ For tuition installment payments, check the student tuition installment payment request information on the notice

Tuition Reduction
  1. 1

    Student who have registered for over 9 semesters of college and register within 9 credits

    • Student over 11 semesters for College of Engineering Department of Architecture
    • For student who have registered over 3 semesters after the dual degrees program enrollment
    • Over 5 semesters for transfer students

    General & Professional Graduate School students who have registered for over 5 semesters and register within 3 credits

    • Over 9 semesters for Graduate School Masters & PhD integrated courses
    • Graduate School research students are excluded

    Specialized Graduate School students who have registered over 6 semesters (7 seasonal semesters) register within 3 credits

  2. 2
    Application Period
    Late February ~ Early March (First semester), Late August ~ Early September (Second semester)
  3. 3
    Login to the portal with the applicant's ID Registration/Scholarship Credit exemption application
    (*The credit exemption application is only available for student who are eligible)
  4. 4
    Apply for the credit reduction type that matches your course registration credit

※ For further details regarding Undergrad(Graduate school) exceeding school semesters tuition reduction application and registration, see the notice broad.

Payment Amount
  1. 1
    Courses below the bachelor's degree program
    A. 1/6 the cost of the corresponding tuition for 1~3 credits
    B. 1/3 the cost of the corresponding tuition for 4~6 credits
    C. 1/2 the cost of the corresponding tuition for 7~9 credits
    D. The entire tuition for over 10 credits
  2. 2
    Courses above the masters degree program
    A. 1/2 the cost of the corresponding tuition for 1~3 credits
    B. The entire tuition for over 4 credits

If neither registration nor leave of absence is registered after the registration period, then the student is processed as expulsion
※ For non-registered or non returning expulsion, check Life@KU - Academic Administration - Academic Calendar Academics Expulsion

Go to Expulsion

If the course registration credit and the credit reduction type does not match, then the bill is not reduced

  • General inquiries : Corresponding College Academic Support
  • Tuition inquiries : Finances (Anam: +82-2-3290-1184, Sejong: +82-44-860-1054, Medical: +82-2-2286-1018, Health Science: +82-2-940-2707)