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Career Development Center

The Career Development Center offers various information, services, and educational programs that enable students to decide and enter into their desired career paths. Information such as part-time jobs on campus, tutoring opportunities, internships, and job opportunities from both domestic and foreign companies can be viewed at our homepage, and career counseling services as well as career/employment programs are operating in order to help students find the most suitable career path for them, and further prepare their future employment process (resumes, interviews, etc.).

Law School Student Support Center

This program performs counseling and guidance for students entering the legal profession who are concerned about their career/employment, and helps students enter the most suitable career path in law for them by providing on-the-job training, internship information, and a variety of career information.

  • College of Law 1st Floor
    Student Support Center

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Korea University Business School Career Development Center

The KU Business School Career Service provides a variety of career services such as 1:1 career coaching, resume clinics, mentoring, as well as job-related information and resources to help students in business school plan and manage their career.

State Examination Groups

Exam study groups operate in each college to prepare the students for the state examinations by studying together with fellow students and sharing information. For further information, contact the academic support department or visit your corresponding college website.

State Exams
Exam Group Location
Selection Process
Number of Selected Members
Certified Public Accountant (CPA)
Business School #301
February & Jun & August
Written Exam
February: Secondary - 69 members
Jun, August: First – 69 members
Judicial Examination
Centennial Memorial Hall 4 Floor
Late April, Late June, & Late October Site Exam
A total of 385 people are selected, and every applicant who successfully pass the first state bar exam receive priority selection
Foreign Service Examination, Examination for Higher Civil Service(International Trade)
College of Political Science & Economics #607,610
Beginning of Each Semester, Internally Foreign Language Exam, Second essay exam
28 members
Examination for Higher Civil Service(General Administration)
College of Political Science & Economics #608
For Political Science & Economics Students, Beginning of Each Semester Internally PSAT Exam
47 members
Examination for Higher Civil Service(Financial Administration and Economy)
College of Political Science & Economics #609
Beginning of Each Semester Internally PSAT Exam
52 members
Examination for Higher Civil Service
Anam Gosi Dormitory Tel: +82-2-3290-1558
March & July Site Exam
140 members
Technology Examinations
Innovation Building, College of Engineering Building 2, College of Engineering Building 1
Admission is determined after a meeting with the professor