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Shuttle Bus

Seoul Campus

Notice for 2021 Spring Semester
Suspension on KU Campus Shuttle bus operation

Due to the recent re-spread of the Covid-19 outbreaks among the Seoul metropolitan area, 'Humanities and Social Sciences - Science and Engineering - Green campus' circulation shuttle buses for the first semester of 2021 will not be operated in order to ensure the prevention of pandemic and the safety on campus.

There will be a re-announcement for KU Campus Shuttle buses whether to be resumed on service during the semester considering further situations.
We ask you all for generous understandings.

  • General Affairs Dept
  • Driver Contact: 02-3290-1835    
  • Tel: 02-3290-1163

Sejong Compus

Sejong Compus Shuttle Bus

General Affairs Dept.
Tel: 02-3290-1161 E-mail: Fax: 02-921-0533 Update : 2021-03-02